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Testimonials from Reiki Masters

I trained with Jeremy in 2017 with Master Practitioner and Teacher Frans Stiene. Jeremy was wonderful, his persona calming and kind with a genuine liking of all human beings who he comes into contact with. It was a great pleasure sharing and being Reiki with Jeremy on our course and think anyone who seeks him out as their practitioner or teacher will be very fortuitous indeed. Definite 5 stars

Kirstie Shapiro
Reiki Master Practitioner

Jeremy is one of those wonderful teachers who leads by example, and enables students to progress at their own speed through gentle encouragement.
The first thing that struck me when I began working with him was the sheer light of his presence, which belies his absolute humility.
With his warmth, empathy and insight every student can benefit and develop confidence, regardless of their level.
Like every good teacher, he constantly hones his practice and skill.
I recommend him as a reiki teacher unreservedly.
Sharon Malyan, Reiki Master

Jeremy is the kindest and most gentle of souls; his knowledge of Reiki is second to none. I have met Jeremy on a number of occasions and he is always smiling and welcoming. Reiki is in his heart and anyone having a Reiki treatment or attending a Reiki training course with Jeremy will have the best experience. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Jenny Newman, Senior Reiki Teacher.

Jeremy has a deep knowledge and understanding of Reiki . Not only is he a wonderful therapist but lives according to his beliefs . This feels so safe when you have a treatment with him . When you walk into his therapy room there is a beautiful sense of calm and serenity . The Reiki treatment was amazing and I left feeling more relaxed and in tune with my body than I had done for a long time . I highly recommend Jeremy. Thank you for all the Reiki over the years .
Claire Turner, Reiki Master

Jeremy Tatman is one of those rare healers who can make you feel totally at ease and like you are his equal. There is no hierarchy involved in his teaching, instead there is a clear respect and value for what you as an individual bring to the experience. This dynamic is what makes the experience of learning with him so special and so enjoyable. He's a top bloke and a rare find in the Reiki world .
Ruth Lewis, Reiki Master

Testimonials . Reiki benefits


'Just wanted to say a big thank you. The effects of your reiki are remarkable' - Lisa Marie

"A very relaxing and powerful treatment. Felt loads better afterwards. I would recommend it to anyone' - Jean-Pierre Boulé

"Fantastic treatment, would highly recommend. Thank you, Jeremy" - Teresa Whitlam

"If you ever feel the need to unwind, completely relax and come to a place of peace, harmony and well-being with yourself and the universe, then Evolve Reiki is the place to visit! My experience was one of being nourished and healed with a gentle compassion that I have not experienced anywhere else, with benefits that lasted long after the visit. Highly recommended!" - Rebecca Gregory

"I came to Jeremy some years back, in a very vulnerable, lost and depressed state. Since then, Jeremy has not only helped me to carve out the life that I wanted for myself, but also helped me to find strength, inner peace and an invaluable love for myself.
The impact that seeing Jeremy has had on my life is phenomenal. He is one of the wisest people I've ever met; and his wisdom is unique because he deals with the real issue of life - the inner balance and journey of inner peace.
Since seeing Jeremy, he has introduced me to Reiki; which I was somewhat sceptical about at first, before experiencing it firsthand. I was, however, astounded at how powerful the results were. The healing qualities of his practice are really beautiful and Jeremy as an individual is somebody that you can immediately feel safe and comfortable with. "Thank you" isn't enough". - Amanda Hutton

"A very worthwhile, beneficial experience in comfortable surroundings" - Richard Meade


'I first received a Reiki treatment from Jeremy following the traumatic birth of my son, which had left me pretty exhausted and depleted. The treatment was a soothing and restorative experience which I received a few more times before choosing to become attuned to Reiki myself. This meant that I could access the healing Reiki energy anytime I liked, providing a boost when I was low in energy or mood. I then went onto become attuned to the next level of Reiki, so I can now give this same nurturing care to all my family, which is the ultimate tool for any busy mum!' Angie Clonan

"Jeremy's loving presence has been so healing for me over the last few years. I feel very lucky to have experienced Reiki here for the first time, it was so powerful and totally changed my perspective of what is possible. His treatment room is one of the most peaceful places I know.
Thank you!" - Laura Louise Martin

"I have been a client of Jeremy's for 8 years. I feel blessed to have been introduced to him via a friend's recommendation. During this time Jeremy has performed reiki with me on many occasions. The positive psychological and physical effects have made a massive difference to my overall health, particularly during stressful times. Jeremy is someone you feel very much at ease with and instinctively know you can trust implicitly. His aura exudes warmth, safety and goodness. Being in his company regularly and receiving reiki has been fundamental to the maintenance of my holistic health. I can not thank Jeremy enough for the kindness he has shown me and the healing energy he has given to me over the years"
- Tim P

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