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Hello and welcome to Evolve Reiki. My name is Jeremy Tatman. I am a Reiki master/teacher of several Reiki lineages; a UKCP registered psychotherapist and an EMDR practitioner.

At Evolve Reiki we love reiki for the positive impact that it has upon our lives and those of our students, clients and friends. Reiki is a healing art which originated in Japan during the early twentieth century and is now practised all over the world. Some of the many benefits commonly associated with receiving a Reiki treatment recognise its gentle and positive impact upon the whole of the human being - enhancing our vitality and our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

A Reiki treatment can be a very relaxing and revitalising experience (please see the video below and the testimonials section for examples). In fact everyone may benefit from this wonderful, healing energy.

There are also many advantages to be gained from becoming a Reiki practitioner and learning the system of practices introduced by its founder, Mikao Usui. Reiki is easy to learn, its effects can be profound, and the ability to benefit ourself and our loved one's (including our pets!) lasts a lifetime.

As a registered psychotherapist and a Reiki master I can testify to the positive contribution of Reiki as a precious resource for self-care and emotional well-being. For this reason at Evolve we are delighted to offer a range of Reiki classes - from beginners to master teachers - to meet your individual needs and availability. Please feel welcome to get in touch!

If you are new to Reiki this lovely short film by Lisa Biagetti captures something of the essence and impact of Reiki as a hands-on-healing technique (Please note that I do not appear in the video or use singing bowls during my treatments!)


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